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>If you receive PBS on your television, you may want to mark your
>calendar & watch this major debate:
>(from http://WWW.NatCenSciEd.org/firlin.htm)
> NCSE‚s Eugenie Scott To Appear On Firing Line
>On December 19, 1997, the well-known PBS program „Firing Lineš will air
>a two-hour special on the evolution-creation controversy. The program
>will be a debate, taking place on a college campus before a student
>Host William Buckley has once again invited Michael Kinsley, editor of
>the on-line magazine Slate, to moderate. Buckley will join other
>debaters arguing in favor of the resolution, „Resolved: The
>evolutionists should acknowledge creation.š All but one guest has been
>chosen from the best-known anti-evolutionists, and the leading defenders
>of evolution. Dr. Eugenie C. Scott, Executive Director of the National
>Center for Science Education; Rev. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of
>Americans United for Separation of Church and State; philosopher
>Michael Ruse, author of But Is It Science? and Monad to Man; and Kenneth
>R. Miller, Div. of Biology and Medicine, Brown University. Buckley will
>be joined by law professor Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial;
>biochemist Michael Behe, author of Darwin‚s Black Box ; and
>mathematician David Berlinski, whose anti-evolution article in
>Commentary drew considerable attention last year. (Miller and Johnson
>have already participated in an online debate sponsored by the
>television science series "Nova".)
>The live broadcast of Firing Line will be at 8:00 PM Eastern time on
>December 19; be sure to check your local listings for broadcast times
>in your area.
>My opinion? Perhaps PBS should be producing a 10-part series on the
>science of evolutionary biology, instead. In any case I'm hoping for the
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