God and change?

Gladwin Joseph (josephg@ccmail.orst.edu)
Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:14:02 -0800

Dear folks,

I have long held that GOD does not change. The immutability
of God - I thought (still think) is a necessary
biblically orthodox belief. BUT, i sense that there are some
on the ASA list that may hold to other alternate
perspectives or understand it differently. From what i
understand, does a "free" cosmos described by quantum
reality suggest that The Transcendent and Immanent Creator
"changes" in some way. If this change ought not to be
understood anthropomorphically, then how does one understand
it being consistent to both the Biblical and Cosmic record?
Any help in calrifying this thought would be welcome.

The "orthodox" confession in an Omnipotent, omniscient,
and omnipresent GOD does not allow for mutability or does
it?. Does the appearance of mutability in God through His
creation and the revealed confession of His Immutability
remain a mystery, much like the other ancient Christian

God's peace to you all,



"To confess that we may never know puts us on the
high road to worship"