Re: Limited Lists (was Limits of Kinds)

Glenn Morton (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 19:28:35 -0600

>On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, David B. Fenske wrote:

>> An off the wall comment here, but how could the young-earthers keep you off
>> their bulletin boards? Can't anyone sign up for these lists, in most
>> cases? (I know Schimmrich [sp?] requires his list to have Ph.D.s, but I
>> can't imagine the young-earthers would have that as a requirement). Do
>> they limit their list to people they like? Have you tried to get on?
>> Dave F.

I never got the original post but I want to respond to this. I tried to get
on one YEC list and told them of my beliefs, and told them that I would be
very polite. They require YEC beliefs or you can't get on. I was able to
get on the creation list run by Walter Brown. Brown claims that no faulting
can occur if the fault is longer than about 4 kilometers long. He claimed
by this, that continental drift could not occur and thus geologists were
wrong. I posted a very polite and clear explanation of exactly how long
faults move and he shut down the mailing list. If it is still in existence,
it is a private one now.


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