Stasis in the fossil record

Glenn.Morton (XDEGRM@ORYX.COM)
Thu, 13 Nov 97 13:12:08 CDT

James Mahaffy wrote:

>>There has been some posts about organisms that have not shown a lot of
change over quite a bit of time. Let me indicate, as someone who
studies fossils (Carboniferous Coal Swamps), that long periods of stasis
little change in a taxon is a very real thing in the fossil record and
not limited to the few examples of Ginkgo or horseshoe crabs. <<

I will fully agree that plants evolve at a slower rate, but you obviously
didn't look at the drawings of horseshoe crabs I put on my web page. There is
nothing static about them!.

look at

And I will point out that in the Oligocene Lake Florissant beds, there are no
no modern species of plants. See Macgintie's 1953 work.