Re: Limited Lists (was Limits of Kinds)

Steven Schimmrich (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 11:16:09 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, David B. Fenske wrote:

> Glenn Morton wrote:
> >I enjoy it also. I wish the young-earthers would let me on their internet
> >bulletin boards. I would have lots of fun. :-)
> >
> >glenn
> >
> >Foundation, Fall and Flood
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> An off the wall comment here, but how could the young-earthers keep you off
> their bulletin boards? Can't anyone sign up for these lists, in most
> cases? (I know Schimmrich [sp?] requires his list to have Ph.D.s, but I
> can't imagine the young-earthers would have that as a requirement). Do
> they limit their list to people they like? Have you tried to get on?
> Dave F.

The young-earth creationists do have their own private bulletin boards
where only known young-earth creationists are allowed to subscribe (I suspect
Allen Roy, who's on the ASA list, knows more about this than I). I know
they've discussed me on those forums, for example, since I've gotten
reposted comments about my critique of John Woodmorappe's radiometric
dating work (
woodmorappe.html) forwarded to me from them.

I see nothing wrong with private bulletin boards or mailing lists where
people of similar interests can exchange views in a non-hostile
environment. I do wish, however, the more well-known young-earth
creationist authors would be more willing to exchange dialogue in a
public forum like the ASA list where we have Christians who are
scientists who are not young-earth creationists.

By the way, I don't require a PhD to join my list. Many participants do
not. I do ask prospective participants, however, to demonstrate to me
that they have more than a superficial knowledge of science (i.e. have
actually studied science and not just read a few creationist books and
think that's enough to educate them in the physical sciences). I also
require all list participants to be Christians. Even though it's a
closed mailing list, most participants are also on the public ASA list.

- Steve.

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