Re: God and time

Garry DeWeese (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 08:47:42 -0700

At 03:23 PM 11/12/1997 -0700, you wrote:

>Would you also disagree that God can perceive a situation on, say,
>January 25, 1974, and set in place a solution to the situation on, say,
>August 12, 1973?

The answer to this depends upon what you mean by "perceive." No one--not
even God--can perceive non-existent entities, if perceive entails any
causal relation between entity and perceiver. But if perceive is used in a
loose sense as a synonym of know, then of course God can know future
situations. And if he can know that at time t you will, say, pray for x to
be the case at t+n, then he can certainly initiate a causal sequence which
begins at t-n which will have the mediate effect of answering your prayer
at t+n.