Re: inference

Keith Walker (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 10:47:26 -0500


You wrote in response to me:
>> And I mistrust modernistic scientism with all it owes to Hume, not least
>> because it seems to be so arrogant and certain in its defiance of that

>Based on this last sentence, it appears that you are referring to a
>philosophy of science that presupposes atheism.

I guess I'm talking about a cultural phenomenon which goes beyond
philosophy or even science but which (in the UK at least) to all intents
and purposes takes atheism for granted.

What I am confessing here is that I find myself mistrustful of claimed
scientific certainties which emanate from a culture which denies the things
that I am most certain about, and yet on the other hand I also fear the
morass of postmodernism which espouses as its only certainty that
everything is uncertain. Maybe I'm alone in sensing this tension, but I
suspect not.

I have to say that I even mistrust methodological naturalism especially
when it is proclaimed as a certainty and even when it is commended by a
believer. Perverse? Well, maybe! :-)

On the other hand I find it easy to agree with what you say about critical

Keith Walker
Wales, UK

PS I'm not wanting to start another round of debate on MN. That was just a
little bit of Brit humour!