Re: inference

Keith Walker (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 06:50:34 -0500

George Murphy wrote:
> & such questions about inference don't just have to do with
>the past. Do we know that there are _really_ electrons, pions, &c? So
>some YECs find themselves allied with those post-modernists who think
>that scientists have simply "constructed" quarks &c instead of
>discovering them. & there is _some_ truth in that - as long as you
>don't think that quarks are _entirely_ a construct, no more or less real
>than elves and trolls.

I agree. If I may speak personally and perhaps leave myself open to attack
in any future debate where I want to appear certain, I find myself
constantly in this dilemma. One the one hand I mistrust deeply the
certainty of modernistic scientism. On the other hand I fear the danger of
falling into the postmodern morass. I fear the morass because I believe
there are realities to be certain about, including the God who has revealed
himself to us with sufficient clarity for us to truly know him. And I
mistrust modernistic scientism with all it owes to Hume, not least because
it seems to be so arrogant and certain in its defiance of that God.

I guess many of struggle at just this point.

Keith Walker