RE: God and time

Vandergraaf, Chuck (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 01:27:47 -0500

Burgy et al.,

I've been out of the country (and off the continent) for a couple of
weeks and now trying to catch up. The issue of "God and time" intrigues
me. I had always (well, for some time, anyway) assumed that God is
above time in the sense that He is not bound by time. If He is not
bound by time, He can indeed perceive a situation on January 25, 1974
and set into place a solution on August 12, 1973.

In my child-like understanding, I perceive myself as walking along the
lines of my (written) biography, page by page, starting at page 1, when
I was born (or, better, conceived) and working my way through the book.
I have no idea how many pages are left in the book, maybe I'm on the
last page, maybe I've get a lot more chapters to go before I reach "the
end." In the meantime, God has the ability to take the book off the
shelf and read it from cover to cover and has been able to do this since
the beginning of time.

Chuck Vandergraaf

>DeWeese (or his doppelganger) wrote: "The upshot is I disagree
>significantly with what you wrote about God knowing the future in virtue
>of knowing the entire world curve of an individual."
>Would you also disagree that God can perceive a situation on, say,
>January 25, 1974, and set in place a solution to the situation on, say,
>August 12, 1973?
>I pick those particular dates because I am convinced (private knowledge,
>of course, in the way Kitty Ferguson uses that term in her book THE FIRE
>IN THE EQUATIONS) that such activity really did take place. I have put
>that story on another internet outlet (David Snoke's newsletter) and,
>perhaps, should put it here also.