Untidy Scripture (Was LXX/MT)

Brian Neuschwander (bwnbcg@sjm.infi.net)
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 19:03:41 -0800

Allan Harvey wrote:
> On another e-mail list, one
> member reported having gone to a church where they recited the Apostles
> Creed with an extra paragraph about the Bible tacked onto the end. Yikes.


I share your sentiments. I can understand where the over-cautious
approach comes from historically, but there has to be a point were it
becomes counter-productive and distractive from the message and content.

I personally take a firm stand for historical orthodoxy. But I also
recognize the relative untidyness of the scripture. Can God use an
untidy scripture to convey his love and grace to us? You bet! After
all, he does not shy away from using you, me, the preachers in the
pulpits, and the cosmos we behold and study! Perhaps there is an oft
overlooked point of divine resourcefulness that intentionally reminds us
(or at least ought to) that it is necessarily God himself dispensing
grace, and not ink on paper, or mere words from another person's mouth.
Sure those are tools, but they are empty of value apart from the active
presence of God himself.

Brian W. Neuschwander