Re: God and time

John W. Burgeson (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 15:23:33 -0700

DeWeese (or his doppelganger) wrote: "The upshot is I disagree
significantly with what you wrote about God knowing the future in virtue
of knowing the entire world curve of an individual."

Would you also disagree that God can perceive a situation on, say,
January 25, 1974, and set in place a solution to the situation on, say,
August 12, 1973?

I pick those particular dates because I am convinced (private knowledge,
of course, in the way Kitty Ferguson uses that term in her book THE FIRE
IN THE EQUATIONS) that such activity really did take place. I have put
that story on another internet outlet (David Snoke's newsletter) and,
perhaps, should put it here also.