Re[2]: Warning Labels

Gladwin Joseph (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:41:11 -0800

At 10:12 PM 11/11/97 -0500, George Murphy wrote:
>Bill Payne wrote:
>> The State School Board of Alabama adopted the following
>> statement which is now placed in the front of all public school science
>> textbooks in Alabama:
>> This textbook discusses evolution, a controversial theory some
>> scientists present as a scientific explanation for the origin of living
>> things, such as plants, animals and humans.
>> No one was present when life first appeared on earth. Therefore, any
>> statement about life's origins should be considered as theory, not fact.
> This contains "we can't see the past" argument, the use of which
>is _prima facie_ evidence of incompetence.
> George Murphy

Dear George,

I am almost sure that you have often heard the statement: "How do you know?
Were you there?" Everyday people use and understand such statements. Perhaps
scientists don't. There is lot of evidence of past events. However, the
final answer to the question of origins will forever remain a mystery to
living man except as a belief.

Best regards,


Dear Moorad and all,

I think to suggest that that we shall
"never" have the answers to "natural" origins is rather
premature. I do make a distinction between natural and
spiritual origins. What i mean by spiritual is when and
how GOD calls humans into a covenental relationship.
However, the understanding of the interplay
between the two aspects of origins may remain a
mystery to a certain degree. To some even that is a seamless
whole but for me at present it remains a mystery which only
causes me to worship my Maker.

I would like to know what we will do with
more answers to physical origins? I know this is
tangential to the thread but i can't help but ask. In my own
journey of life, such answers on physical origins have
helped awaken in me a kinship with the rest of creation, and
consequently deepened my understanding of God's providence.
It has also unified a pretty disparate and hierarchical
human race. A Biblical assertion of our equality is
upheld by our current understanding of
human natural origins.

As George as said sometime back (correct me if i am wrong),
my paraphrase. We as Christians do not want evolution to
be true. We will try everything in our bag of ideas
to circumvent even the possibility of evolution
being true.

We as Evangelicals of any ecclesiastical circle must grapple
philosophically, theologically, hermeneutically,
sociologically, and psychologically with the "the data of
physical origins" if we are serious about TRUTH. What did
Jesus mean when he said "you shall know the TRUTH and the
truth shall set you free". He was not talking about putting
truth under a bushel. If death itself could not nullify
TRUTH, then why do we fear the cosmic graveyard. It too
sings with praise to the Creator/Redeemer.