Re: Fall of evolved man

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 08:44:29 -0600

At 09:20 AM 11/11/97, Moorad Alexanian wrote
Of my communication with Henry Morris:

>I hope you wrote Morris and made clear where he was wrong. Perhaps you have
>been chosen by the Lord to straighten out misguided Christians.

Yes. He didn't seem to worry about the data. I stood in his office telling
him that Jody Dillow had a mathematical error in his Dissertation (which
became the book The Waters Above). Henry kept telling me that if there was
an error someone would have found it. I kept telling him that I had found
it. We were going nowhere. Before Dillow published, he totally gave up the
approach which had won him is Th.D from Dallas Theological Seminary and
tried a new approach which also has an error. But by then I had given up.

However, I was very pleased in 1990 to find out that Vardiman of ICR was
willing to say that I had been correct all along.

>>Case after case like this happened and I began to realize that the
>>evolutionists were the ones telling the truth.
>It is so easy for scientists who have excelled in their subject matter to
>intermingle their personal philosophies when discussing science and thus
>deceive the uninitiated. Sagan and Dawkins seem to do that constantly. I
>believe you should engage people in your field in discussions so that you
>can affect their philosophical views of the whole of the human experience.

But to turn one of your aguments around, you asked me whether I or my
atheist boss was more likely to support immoral behavior. I didn't answer
you then. I will answer you now. I don't think either of us is more
likely. Christians who engage in inattention to facts are not dealing
forthrightly with their readers.

>>If christians are not scrupulously honest with the facts, then they will
>>drive people away from Christ. I know several young-earth arguments that
>>have been disproven in young-earth literature yet young-earthers continue to
>>use it. ICR scientists have admitted that the vapor canopy calculation I
>>published in 1979 was correct in its conclusion, but they continue to teach
>>the vapor canopy.
>We can only try. But remember the Lord is in control not us. We can do so much.

I agree that the results are up to the Lord. But our decision to be
scrupulously honest or not with the data is ENTIRELY under our control.

>Thank you for your enlightening comments,

I should thank you. One always learns in discussions like this and I am
learning a lot.


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