Re: LXX and MT (was Geezer Patriarchs)

Karen G. Jensen (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 16:36:36 -0600

George Murphy wrote:

> LXX is indeed a translation, but parts of it go back to 3d
>century B.C. & thus _may_ in some case reflect a better tradition of the
>Hebrew text than Hebrew mss we have. & while some of its translation
>is just poor, in other instances it can serve as a commentary helping
>to show how the Hebrew was understood. & of course Qumran doesn't give
>us a _complete_ text of the Hebrew Scriptures. So LXX continues to be
>of value for understanding the OT text.

Yes, as you said, the LXX is especially valuable for relating OT and NT
texts. Finding what Greek word was used for a given Hebrew word can help
connect the concepts across the centuries.