ice worms

McCarrick, Allan (
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 07:22 EST

More on ice worms, including a photo, can be found in the November issue
as Popular Science, p. 38. No further reference is given there. The
worms are flat and pink. They live on and within chunks of the hydrates.
They were observed all over an outcropping of the hydrate visible from a
research submersible.

The critters are theorized to be feeding on bacteria, but appear to have
a decent mouth perhaps made for more substantial things. They are up to
2 inches in length.

My first reaction to the photo was "these things look like the those
multilegged unclassified things found in the Burgess shale". I haven't
looked up any articles on those fossils yet. If they are as similar as I
recall, then perhaps we have another living fossil.

Al McCarrick