God and time

Keith Walker (Keith_R_Walker@compuserve.com)
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 13:42:36 -0500

I am glad that Garry DeWeese has raised the issue of God's relatedness to
time. It is a vital issue.

May I commend the article 'Time and Eternity' in the New Dictionary
ofTheology (IVP, both USA and UK) Dr J E Colwell notes with Garry that;

'The conception of eternity as timelessness was the eventual outcome of the
attempt to express Christian truth within the framework of Greek

Colwell is of the view that:

'The living God is not non-temporal, but is revealed as active in the flow
of man's time. The temporal distinction between God and man is that he is
enduring and changeless in time; God possesses lasting time in contrast to
man's fleeting and passing time (Ps90:1ff).'

Keith Walker