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Mon, 10 Nov 1997 09:38:05 -0500

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>>One fact that is causing much difficulty in our thinking is that God is
>>outside time, since as Creator He created time.
>>Jan de Koning
>>Willowdale, Ont.
>>Is it really that clear for through the Incarnation GOD indwells
>> `creation'. He is trancendant and immanent but how the two
>> shall be reconciled is not for mortals to know.
>> shalom
>> gladwin
>I fully agree, but since we don't know we have to be very careful with
"time" arguments. If we don't we get involved all over again in the
arminian contra calvinist debate about grace contra free will. Since both
are true, we cannot avoid to think of God above time. But since He is
above time, He is always working in time, and even came down to live in
time. It is impossible for finite beings to figure out timelessness and
above all we cannot claim to know God in all His attributes, and even those
we know we only know partially.
>Jan de Koning
>Wwillowdale, Ont.