Re: Fall of evolved man

Karen G. Jensen (
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 16:35:08 -0600

Hi Glenn,

Fri, 07 Nov 1997 19:54:07 -0600 you wrote:

>Well I do believe in God, and know that there is such a thing as revealed
>truth. But that does not rule out evolution. In order to rule out
>evolution via revealed truth, you must believe that you have understood the
>revelation correctly and that there is no other way to understand it. Doing
>that equates your interpretation with infallability. This is the problem I
>have with those who take a hard-line stand that their interpretation is
>correct. We cannot equate our interpretation with divine infallability.
>While we may believe that our interpretation is best and can defend it
>vociferously, we cannot take the position that our interpretation is
>absolutely correct without making ourselves out to be equal to God.

IMHO, that paragraph reads well substituting "special creation" for