Re: Fact Free Science and Kinds

George Murphy (
Fri, 07 Nov 1997 16:39:55 -0500

David Campbell wrote:
> George warned
> > Fine, as long as it really is philosophy informed in a
> >basic way by Christian presuppositions. What we need to watch out for
> >is the smuggling of assumptions of common-sense or philosophical theism
> >which are not based on God's self-revelation.
> > George Murphy
> This is a problem in the issue of "what's a kind", currently under "Fall of
> evolved man". Plato says kinds don't change, the Bible does not say one
> way or the other, and fossil and biological evidence suggest common
> descent. Two of the three conflict, but it's not the Bible that is at
> fault.

In fact, the picture of God's acts in the Bible is much more in
accord with creation of the new out of the ruin of the old than it is of
maintaining a static "great chain of being". Note e.g. the way God
deals with the Davidic monarchy & Jerusalem Temple: He lets these
institutions which he has established be destroyed - & still is faithful
to his promise.
The real God is the one who "raises the dead & brings into being
things that do not exist" (Rom.4:17) - not the God who maintains the
status quo. David is quite right: The latter picture is a prime
example of replacement of the biblical God by the God of the
George Murphy