Re: Fall of evolved man

Moorad Alexanian (alexanian@UNCWIL.EDU)
Fri, 07 Nov 1997 16:26:25 -0500 (EST)

At 12:12 PM 11/7/97 -0700, Allan Harvey wrote:
>At 01:26 PM 11/7/97 -0500, Moorad Alexanian wrote (regarding racism):
>> Evolution is necessary but not sufficient for people to believe
>>that they may be superior to others.
>I hope you don't mean what you just wrote. So nobody believed themselves
>superior to others prior to Darwin? Then why did Paul have to warn the
>Philippians against it? What about the Pharisees for that matter? The
>blaming of "evolution" (rather than sin) for every evil under the sun is
>a common tactic in some circles; Toumey's _God's Own Scientists_ has some
>interesting material on how that connection gets made.

I do not believe my words reflect my thoughts. The view of the "survival of
the fittest" is promulgated in every animal show I see on television. The
lion kills the sick or the weak and that is "good" and in accordance with
evolutionary thoughts. There is no mention that owing to the Fall of Man,
death ensued which can also serve to interpret the kill or be killed
behavior amongst animals. There are all sorts of activities in our society,
such as abortion, assisted suicide, genetic engineering, artificial
insemination, etc. which point undeniably to a society where the direction
of the makeup of men will not be left "unattended" in the hands of
"evolution" but man will take over and add his guidance to that assured
natural process. No one blames "evolution" for every evil under the sun.
However, you must admit that such a theory, which is normally devoid of any
spiritual content, will lead to a horrible society where cannibalism will
look tame. Witness the cloning of humans without heads as an appropriate
source of organs! Need I say more. Will the moralist withstand such an

>But Glenn had it right. Sin is the problem. Failure to recognize God as
>creator of us all is the problem. It may be that a few (the evil of
>"social Darwinism" comes to mind) use (misuse) "evolution" as an excuse
>for that failure. But that is not the fault of the science of evolution
>any more than the theory of relativity is at fault when people who don't
>have a clue about it try to justify moral relativism.

I recognize that sin is the real problem. I never said otherwise. However,
our society is inexorably being directed by man-made laws into a godless
system where longevity of life will become the paramount goal and where the
eternity of man will replace the eternity of God. Surely the evolutionary
hypothesis is not to be blamed for the future outcome. However, we can be
sure that the atheistic philosophy that normally accompanies evolutionary
thoughts will certainly replace the revealed truth of our Christian faith
with knowledge that comes from the musings of men.

>Maybe that ridiculous statement about evolution causing racism wasn't
>meant, because it contradicts Glenn's statement that was agreed with (and
>to which I add my total agreement):
>>>My point is that scientific theories, like theologies, can be used for good
>>>or for bad. It is not the theory that brings the bad, but the sin.
>>Totally agree.

Take care,