Re: Fact Free Science?

George Murphy (
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 14:21:29 -0500

Brian Neuschwander wrote:
> Good science is
> built on good philosophy (just like theology).

Science & theology must make use of clear thinking &c, & in that
sense I have no objection to these statements. But philosophy is a tool
& can't supply the facts & assumptions it needs by itself. Note, e.g.,
Kant's idea that Euclidean geometry is a necessary part of the way we
understand the world. In theology, the idea that we must build on
philosphy has been quite damaging to Christian thought, for it has led
people to think that the Christian God must be forced into the
impassible, unchanging, "perfectly simple" &c categories of the Greek
philosophical tradition. Cross & Trinity (e.g.) then become problems
which have to be solved or embarassments to be papered over instead of
fundamental data concerning God to which philosophy must adapt.
George Murphy