Fact Free Science?

Brian Neuschwander (bwnbcg@sjm.infi.net)
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 12:43:21 -0800

Re: The Chadwick/Morton discussion:
> >I also believe
> >that Christians MUST pay attention to the observational data. To do
> >otherwise removes Christianity from the world. In fact I believe that the
> >young-earth creationists are really post-modernists. One can beleive what
> >one wants without having to deal with data.
> >

And this post-modernist taint to YEC is not a lot different than the
neo-darwinist failure to be honest with the data or lack thereof, as P.
Johnson has gone to such great lengths to point out. YEC and
Neo-darwinists as post-modernist bedfellows? Maybe! Good science is
built on good philosophy (just like theology).

Brian W. Neuschwander