Re: Praclaux Crater and the global flood (fwd)

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 07:07:22 -0800

At 10:03 PM 11/5/97 -0600, Glenn wrote:
Hi, Glenn, just a couple of points of information:
You say

>We know that the burrows were filled in from the sand above them.

What percentage of the burrows? Are the burrows only in the shale?

Thus the
>burrow was open when the sand was deposited on top of the shale. Surely
>some of the animals would be killed, leaving fewer animals to recolonize.
>Yet we find burrows as numerous at the top as at the bottom.

How surely?
> Remember that the Haymond formation was being deposited at a rate of 1300
>feet/95 days=13.6 feet per day.

How do you know this? Why not all of it in one day or a couple of days?

There were also 157 layers with burrows
>deposited every day.(15000 layers with burrows/95 days) What this means is
>that these animals would have to dig 157 burrows per day only to have them
>filled with sand and then recolonize. At 157 burrows per day the animal had
>to dig a new burrow every ten minutes. When did he eat?

Burrowing organisms generally eat as they burrow, especially if they are
worms which pass the stuff through their digestive tract. Besides whats a
day or two without food???

All this is assuming they were not escape burrows (as I assume they were),
and that the burrowers were not brought in with the sediment. Both of
htese would change the meaning of the burrows dramatically.