Re: Fall of evolved man

Jason A. Alley (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 00:52:52 -0800

Karen Jensen wrote:
Matthew 19:4 and even Genesis 1:26-27 dib't tell _how_ God created
but does Genesis 2:7 sound like evolution, or personal, loving creation?
And Genesis 2:21-23 -- again personal, and very creative, showing us
God's thoughts and His ways are very different from what we might
(Isaiah 55:8-9).

He does not deceive us, in fact He tells us, in every way possible, that
we are dependent on Him, not just on time or chance or algorithms.


It is possible that God created us lovingly through evolution. The
best analogy I've found for this is the following:

When an artist paints a picture, the finished product (the image) is in
his mind. He is the creative force. He is the designer and the
creator, completely. Here, you could say that he is "lovingly"
creating the picture. He does, however, use a tool, the paintbrush,
to create his work. He is still the creating force, but the tool is
what actually puts paint to paper. So, in a proximal sense, the answer
to the question, "What caused the painting?" is "The paintbrush." The
answer to the same question, though, in an ultimate sense, is "The
artist." So, if we are to press the question of "What caused the
painting, the paintbrush, or the artist?" The answer is, "Yes." They
both did. So, bringing it back to our discussion... Did God create us
lovingly and uniquely, or did Evolution produce us?


In Christ,
J. Arthur Alley