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>What I would really like to find out is if there is any reference to
>multi-centenarians in any field of science or history, or is it strictly
>a biblical account.

The Egyptians believed in even older people. This comes from Manetho,
Transl. By W. G. Waddell, Harvard University Press, 1863 reprinted in 1971

"Hephasestus has no period assigned, because he shines night and day.
Helios [th sun], son of Hephaestus, ruled for 30,000 years. Then Cronos (it
says) and the remaining gods, 12 in number, reigned altogether for 3984
years. Next the eight demi-gods were kings for 217 years; and after them 15
generations of the sothic Cycle are recorded with 443." p. 227-229


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