Re: Fall of evolved man

Glenn Morton (
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 22:04:01 -0600

Hi Karen,

At 12:33 PM 11/5/97 -0600, Karen G. Jensen wrote:

>I believe the current pseudogene data is not convincing proof that man is a
>genetic descendent from apes. I don't deny that the gene is there, nor
>would I say that it doesn't matter; it may be very significant. I wouldn't
>quickly call it a mistake. Perhaps it was once a part of the fetal to
>adult transition, in many species including apes and man, and now is turned
>off for some reason such as environmental changes. Maybe there will be
>more insights soon. For the present, it's one of those things that's "on
>the shelf" for me, awaiting more research.

Let me point out that it is not merely a matter of turning it off. I don't
know your background so if you are a biologist then I will be too simple
here. A gene cosists of several parts. They are usually connected in this order.

control region--coding region A_-non-coding region--coding region B

Now when the gene is transcribed and prepared to be translated into a
protein, it is copied with changes. It looks like:

coding region A--coding region B--tail

This is what is sent to the ribosome for protein manufacture. The control
region is necessary to tell the cellular machinery what to do. Without it,
the protein cannot be made.

But once in a while this form of processed gene is reinserted into the
genome with the tail. The existence of the tail is proof that it was copied
out of the genome and readied for protein manufacture before being put back
into the genome as above. The gene cannot be turned on, because there are
no instruction.

To find the same pseudogene at the same site in the genomes of apes and man
without evolution, means that God went to a lot of trouble to put something
into the genomes of these animals which makes it look like evolution
occurred. This smacks of Divine deception to me, like God creating the world
with an appearance of age. If we can't trust God when it comes to the
natural world, i.e. He creates purposely misleading data, how can we trust
Him when it comes to salvation?


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