Re: Fall of evolved man

Jan de Koning (
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 22:12:19 -0500

At 03:29 PM 04/11/97 -0500, Tom wrote:

>The notion of free will means that we are not automatons and that our
>actions are not predetermined, albeit, they may be known to God. There are a
>multitude of choices to be made and so our actions to choose would indicate
>that free will is not an illusion. We exercise our free will in making
>nonmoral decisions as well, e.g., when we choose to wear a blue rather than
>a red shirt.

Though I agree that we are responsible for making the decisions we make, we
should not say that God has only pre knowledge. The prophesies in the O.T.
make it clear that God often "calls" neighbouring nations to punish Israel,
and after that punish them for having done it. Just read the prophets

Still, we are, even then, fully responsible for all our deeds, moral as
well as other deeds. (Are there any deeds which do not have a moral side?
Even particular reserach may be immoral if dine in certain contexts.) And
the punishing instrument is fully responsible too.

In this whole discussion I often think, that we try to pull God down to our
own level. Often I miss the fact that God created time, and thus is
outside time. We can theorize about that, but we cannot imagine it, nor do
we know what it means. Is it possible to talk about "preknowledge" of
God? I don't think so.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.