Re: Fall of evolved man

Karen G. Jensen (
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 22:18:24 -0600

>Brian Neuschwander wrote:

>Since no one responed to my question on Monday, I am asking again for
>help on the accounts of superannuation found in Genesis 11.
>This problem seems as vexing as creation, but receives less attention.
>What is the current thinking on the subject from various Christian
>scholars and scientists? Is there any substantive help in paleontology
>or other scientific fields regarding this issue?

In some areas of the world, many people live well beyond 100 even today,
not only in Hunza but also in Equador and Abkhazia (see for example
National Geographic, January 1973). They keep active many decades beyond
what we would call "retirement age".

But those lifespans are short compared to the genealogies in Genesis 5 and
11. The dramatic decline is recorded for the first three centuries after
the Flood. Changes in environmental conditions, such as climates, foods,
uv exposure, atmospheric pressure, magnetic field, etc. (probably a complex
of factors) have been suggested as the cause.

An excellent article on the meaning of the chronogenealogies, with thorough
discussion of traditional arguments against a literal reading, was written
by Gerhard F. Hasel in 1980, and was published in GRI's _Origins_, vol.7
no.2, pp.53-70.