Re: Geezer Patriarchs

Robert L. Miller (
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 22:14:27 -0800

>Since no one responed to my question on Monday, I am asking again for
>help on the accounts of superannuation found in Genesis 11.
>This problem seems as vexing as creation, but receives less attention.
>What is the current thinking on the subject from various Christian
>scholars and scientists? Is there any substantive help in paleontology
>or other scientific fields regarding this issue?
>Brian W. Neuschwander
Superannation (your spelling on your first post) To live beyond the
year; to survive till the next year.

Superannuation (your spelling on this post) 1. The condition of
being superannuated; impairment of the powers or faculties by old age; the
state of having outlived one's vigour; senile infirmity or decay

Which of these did you want to discuss and how does it relate to Gen 11?

Bob Miller