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>Brian Neuschwander wrote:
>> Since no one responed to my question on Monday, I am asking again for
>> help on the accounts of superannuation found in Genesis 11.
>For what it's worth, I've heard YECs say there was a vapor canopy which
>shielded the earth from harmful radiation until it collapsed with the
>Flood. Concidentally, the ages of the patriarchs drops exponentially
>after the Flood. Plotted on a graph, the ages look something like
>X X X X
> F X
> L
> O X
> O
> D X
> X
> X X X

Bill, the young-earth creationist Jody Dillow showed in his book that
radiation could not cause the decrease in aging. He said

"It is generally acknowledged today that somatic mutations are a
major cause of the aging process. Could the reduction in radiation
levels prior to the flood have any bearing on a decreased rate of
somatic mutation in human body tissue? Could a burst of radiation
with the condensation of the canopy have any effect on radiation?
The answer to both these questions seems to be no."~Joseph C.
Dillow, The Waters Above: The Earth's Pre-Flood Vapor Canopy,
(Chicago: Moody, 1981), p. 169

"So it appears that canopy theorists have been in error when they
appealed to the shielding effect of the canopy as a direct
explanation for antediluvian longevity. Futhermore, it also seems
incorrect to postulate that increased levels of radiation after the
canopy precipitated had any direct bearing on the decrease in
longevity. This is true because the levels of radiation
experienced today are insufficient to have any effect and are the
wrong kind, that is mostly ultraviolet instead of X-rays, and gamma
rays.~Joseph C. Dillow, The Waters Above: The Earth's Pre-Flood
Vapor Canopy, (Chicago: Moody, 1981), p. 170

If this view were true, we should see a significant decrease in life for
people living in Denver when compared to those in Houston.


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