Re: Fall of evolved man

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 22:52:03 -0600

Hi Karen,

At 10:15 AM 11/4/97 -0600, Karen G. Jensen wrote:
>>At 12:12 AM 11/4/97 -0600, Glenn wrote:
>>>No, Christ is not trying to deceive us. .... And yes God did
>>>create male and female. Does Math 19:4 say HOW God created? No. You are
>>>reading that INTO the passage and deciding that God only could have created
>>>as a magician does, by pulling a rabbit out of a hat. By deciding that, you
>>>are deciding against God creating via evolution which could be likened to
>>>the way an engineer creates something, i.e. over time or via a genetic
>Matthew 19:4 and even Genesis 1:26-27 dib't tell _how_ God created mankind,
>but does Genesis 2:7 sound like evolution, or personal, loving creation?
>And Genesis 2:21-23 -- again personal, and very creative, showing us that
>God's thoughts and His ways are very different from what we might imagine
>(Isaiah 55:8-9).

I fully agree that God was involved in the creation of man by direct
intervention. Man is, I beleive BOTH an evolved being AND specially
created. Take a look at my web page or the archives here to see how I
suggest it happened. I keep going back to the same mistake (a pseudogene)
which is found at the same site on the same chromosome in gorilla, gibbon,
chimp and man. These are a broken gene. It performs no function and indeed
can not perform a function because it has no instruction (control) portion
of the gene. Given that designers of automobiles do not design a broken
transmission to lie next door to the working transmission, neither is it
reasonable to believe that God created the same non-functional gene in 4
entirely unrelated species. The most logical explanation of this is that
we share an ancestry with the apes.
We can pretend that this data doesn't exist. We can pretend that it doesnt'
matter. But we can not make the evidence go away. If God designed these
non-working pieces of DNA in to 4 different species to make the 4 appear
related when they aren't, then God is deceiving us.

This data establishes that there is a relationship between us and the apes.
But that fact does no rule out God, miraculously getting involved in the
creation of man and indeed doing exactly what He said He did in Genesis 2:7.
Evolution and the special creation of man can be linked. I would suggest
that you look at my post of Oct 31, 1997 at
>He does not deceive us, in fact He tells us, in every way possible, that
>we are dependent on Him, not just on time or chance or algorithms.

Being partly evolved does not rule out our dependence upon Him. Can you
find a verse in the bible that says "animals give rise to animals after
their kind" with animals as the subject and animals as the object? What
people read as ruling out evolution really doesn't rule it out.


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