ICR statement

John W. Burgeson (johnburgeson@juno.com)
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 16:38:05 -0700

Walt commented on my post by saying, " Praise the Lord! This is truly
wonderful news! I, personally, have the extremely good fortune to know a
fellow Christian who is a Creation Scientist and yet we can refer to each
other as "brothers in Christ". Perhaps your good news will be a new
beginning for all."

Appreciate the comment, Walt. I have had at least two rather "snide"
private e-mails from some of my "friends" who still want to draw the
circle so as to exclude the ICR people. And one from another contact,
like you, who was pleased enough he is going to write John Morris
personally with a message of thanks!

The world is full of folks who see the glass always half-empty -- or who
always see the "dark side." I am not one of these.

Perhaps you, too, will write John with a note of appreciation. He can be
reached at
Dr. John D. Morris
c/o ICR
PO Box 2667
El Cajon, CA 92021

My guess is that if John were to get six or seven letters from LISTSERV
members all enclosing a copy of my post and commenting favorably upon it
-- and calling him, in return, "brother," it might make a difference.

Of course, some will call me naive. But what would Jesus do?