Re: A breakthrough in ICR/YEC relationships?

Walter J Hicks (
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 18:14:50 -0500 (EST)

At 09:36 AM 11/3/97 -0700, John W. Burgeson wrote:
>This may be change\ing. In the November 1997 ACTS AND FACTS, the new ICR
>head, John D. Morris, writes these words:
>"I call on my Christian "semi-creationism" brothers, those who hold to
>the Big Bang, or the Old Earth or theistic evolution, to join the ranks
>of those who are trying to solve the remaining conflicts from a
>God-honoring, Bible-upholding perspective. For in the end, Scripture will
>stand. Rightly observed and interpreted there can be no conflict between
>science and Scripture."
>I am very pleased with these words, and I will be writing John Morris to
>that effect. From the perspective of most of us on this LISTSERV, we
>have been in those "ranks" for many years! Our differences are in
>scriptural and scientific data interpretations, of course, but I think we
>all will hold to the goal of trying to "solve the remaining conflicts
>from a God-honoring, Bible-upholding perspective." Will we ever
>completely solve them? I think not; the game in in the pursuit.

Praise the Lord! This is truly wonderful news! I, personally, have the
extremely good fortune to know a fellow Christian who is a Creation
Scientist and yet we can refer to each other as "brothers in Christ".
Perhaps your good news will be a new begining for all.


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