(Fwd) ASA-matters

Mon, 3 Nov 1997 11:55:53 EST5EDT

I am passing on this announcement for some of you who might pe
intersted in participating in this seminar. Unfortunately, it does
conflict with the ASA conference in England. But if you weren't
planning on going to the conference, you might consider this seminar.
Uko Zylstra

Calvin College Faculty Summer Seminars in Christian Scholarship, 1998
"Theology and the New Physics" with Revd. Dr. John Polkinghorne,
retired President of Queens' College, Cambridge University.
July 6 - August 7, 1998
Twentieth-century science has seen the death of a merely mechanical
view of physical process. Discoveries of quantum theory, chaos
theory, relativity theory, and of the universe's evolving history
have given rise to a view of the universe much more hospitable to
theology's quest for meaning in cosmic history. The result has been
the revival of a new kind of natural theology and a lively discussion
of how God can act within the grain of divinely ordained natural law.

Seminar will include 12 participants who will share and discuss
common readings during a five-week residency and work on individual
research projects with Dr. Polkinghorne and the other participants.

Applicants must hold an earned Ph.D. or other terminal degree and
teach at liberal arts colleges or be untenured faculty at research
universities. Honoraria, food stipend, travel funds, and family
accommodations provided.

For more information or to apply contact:
Anna Mae Bush, Coordinator
Summer Seminars in Christian Scholarship
Calvin College
3201 Burton Street SE
Grand Rapids MI 49546
616-957-8558 (phone), 616-957-6682 (fax), abush@calvin.edu (e-mail)
or check our website www.calvin.edu/fss
Uko Zylstra, Chair e-mail: zylu@calvin.edu
Biology Department tel: (616) 957-6499
Calvin College fax: (616) 957-6501
Grand Rapids, MI 49546