Re: Thanks to Art

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 02 Nov 1997 17:45:25 -0600

At 10:37 AM 11/2/97 -0800, Arthur V. Chadwick wrote:
>Sorry, Glenn and all.
>Unfortunately, the photo is of a replica based as the text asserts on
>"drawings and photographs from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's
>Institute of Archeology, where the original is housed. We have recreated
>the goddess at twice the original size to emphasize her shape, fecundity
>and power."
>This was an oversight on my part not mentioning that in the original
>transmission. There is some kind of fertility cult Gaia stuff in this
>country that worships these things apparently.

No wonder it looked so good. I had never seen that view of the object and
it looked good. Oh well,... The original is amazing enough.


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