Re: Carl Sagan's no evidence claim

George Murphy (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 12:02:55 -0400

Eduardo G. Moros wrote:
> YEah! In the movie when the lady scientist (Foster) says to the new-era
> minister that there was no evidence for the existance of God, I just couldn't
> stop thinking of psalm 19 and Romans 1. David and Paul were surely wondering
> what else could God present as evidence of Himself without opting for the
> "visions" that scared the heck out of the prophets (i.e., Isaias).

"It is a remarkable thing that no canonical writer ever used
nature as a proof of God's existence. All set out to convince us of it.
But David, Solomon, and all the rest never said: `There is no void;
therefore there is a God.' They must have been cleverer than the
cleverest of their successors, every one of whom has used this argument.
The fact is worth pondering on."
Blaise Pascal, Pensee #6.
(Forwarded by George Murphy)