Re: ID and Scientific Utility

Dennis Feucht (
Sat, 27 Sep 1997 12:56:05 -0400

From: Brian T. Greuel <>

Dennis Feucht wrote:
> Terry Gray said, in part, in reply to Denis Lamoureux:
> "(Perhaps the apologetic agenda of intelligent design is
> another "blinder" for the intelligent design crowd.) There is a
> machine via the young-earth creationists and the Phil Johnson crowd
> on the average evangelical (especially among private Christian schools
> home schools and the evangelical media--Christianity Today, World
> Reasons to Believe, and Acts and Facts) that far outdoes that of the
> supporters of naturalism and materialism."

Maybe I missed something. When did Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe
become a "young-earth creationist?"

Brian Greuel

Terry alluded to "young-earth creationists and the Phil Johnson crowd"
including RTB by example, and not to young-earth creationists only.

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