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Fri, 26 Sep 1997 15:09:01 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Terry,

On Fri, 26 Sep 1997, Terry M. Gray wrote:

> Denis et al.
> No doubt there is some truth to Denis' claims here, especially with most
> modern expressions of evangelicalism. But certainly the "evangelicalism"
> of C. Hodge, A.A. Hodge, and B.B. Warfield, and even J.G. Machen could and
> even did come to terms with evolution.

Charles Hodge did not come to terms with evolution--he died an
antievolutionist. However, I speculated in my dissertation that given more
time to deal with the scientific data he probably could have since there
is evidence he had hermeneutical plasticity to do so.

Their hermeneutic (and mine, I
> guess) is much more concordistic (without necessarily denying that
> scripture serves a different purpose and may not intersect with science and
> "secular" history too often) than Denis prefers, especially at points such
> as the origin of Adam, but much less so than much of modern evangelicalism
> as represented by young-earth creationists and perhaps modern advocates of
> day-age theories (although, no doubt, the Old Princeton guys were
> day-agers).

Yep. And I still think you are inconsistent. Please distinguish between
historico-scientific concordism and ontological/theological concordism.

> Denis will probably don the high priestly robes of his theology Ph.D. to
> dispute the basis for my fondness for the Princetonians, but I have other
> theological high priests to support my claims :-)

There is a lawyer who argues like this. Ironically, that "priestly robe"
was gained by doing a dissertation on Princetonians whom I very much love
and appreciate.

> In my opinion, the inability to come to terms with evolution mostly
> reflects ignorance of the data and of the theory.

Absolutely! The story of my coming to terms with evolution is exactly
that--I knew sweet tweet (but then that's another "priestly robes" story
[and they don't count]).

> As I've said before I read _Darwin on Trial_ as a good summary of the
> evidence for evolution once I remove all the rhetoric.

What!?! Therapsids dealt with in a couple pages!?! Goodness, Terry, I
can't believe you've written this.


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