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Keith B Miller (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 17:28:16 -0500 (CDT)


A couple of resources you might want to take advantage of yourself or refer
to others are:

Strahler, A.R., 1987, Science and Earth History: The Evolution/Creation
Controversy: Prometheus Books, Buffalo, NY. (This encylopedic book
addresses young Earth scientific claims point by point. Some are dealt
with better than others. Strahler is not a Christian so does not deal with
the theological issues involved.)

Rudwick, M.J.S., 1985, The Meaning of Fossils: University of Chicago Press.
(This is an excellent account of the historical development of the
geological time scale. It shows clearly how the evidence from the
stratigraphic and the fossil record drove the scientific community to
accept an ancient and evoloving Earth.)

Numbers, R.L., 1992, The Creationists: The Evolution of Scientific
Creationism: University of California Press. (This is a very thorough
account of the origin and development of the modern creationist movement.
It is critical to understand the origin of ideas, something which many
involved in the creation/evolution "debate" are ignorant of.)

Van Till, H.J., et al., 1990, Portraits of Creation: William B. Eerdmans
Publishing Co. (See the chapter by John Stek that gives a well articulated
exegesis of Genesis 1.)

I can provide scientific references regarding the reputed association of
human and dinosaur footprints. The "human" prints have been conclusively
demonstrated to be dinosaurian.

I personally believe the place to begin such discussions is scripture. As
long as someone is convinced that scripture demands a young Earth
interpretation, and discussion of scientific evidence is futile.


PS My personal web page (URL below) contains a number of other references
that may be useful.

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