Re: flooded by YEC

Murphy (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:09:50 -0400

George Andrews wrote:
> Subsequently, I am being
> presented - actually barraged - with so call "overwhelming evidence"
> for YEC and asked to respond to them. The literature presented is
> complete with actual pictures of fosilized human tracks and kilograms
> of "obvious" data.
> I am only a physicist and, while I am well versed in complexity theory
> and mathematics, I am reluctant to engage in discussion primarily in
> the fields of paleontology, geology and biology.

My own attitude on this as only a physicist is to start with
relevant physics - nuclear abundances, galactic distances & recession,
&c. These dispose pretty well of YEC claims, & are at least
roughly consistent with age estimates by "orthodox" geologists,
biologists, &c.

George L. Murphy