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>Subject: flooded by YEC
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>Recently, I have begum to speak out about the problematic results of holding
>to a young earth creationist point of view and understanding booth the
>Genesis account and modern scientific claims.. Fortunately(?), I am at
>a very conservative school and have therefore stirred up quit a response
>from professors (almost all of them in the engineering department), staff
>and students. Subsequently, I am being presented - actually barraged -
>with so call "overwhelming evidence" for YEC and asked to respond to them.
>The literature presented is complete with actual pictures of fosilized
>human tracks and kilograms of "obvious" data.&nbsp;
><P>I am only a physicist and, while I am well versed in complexity theory
>and mathematics, I am reluctant to engage in discussion primarily in the
>fields of paleontology, geology and biology.
><P>Could someone,&nbsp; recommend a concise, authoritative and complete
>resource for examining all of these desperate claims that I could purchase
>for our library (as well as myself)?