Request for expressions of interest

Ted Davis (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 10:15:07 -0400

The Natural Sciences department at Messiah College, of which I am a member,
is offering a new course this fall, and I am teaching it. The course is a
capstone experience for all of our majors, focusing on the profession of
science rather than on scientific content (of which there is almost none),
and on being a Christian in science -- we're using Walt Hearn's book, among

During October, the students will have an assignment to interview a
Christian scientist/physician from off campus about her/his professional
life, their faith, and how they see the two relating. I have suggested to
students that one possible way to fulfill this assignment would be to go
on-line, meet a suitable person, and conduct the interview in that way;
telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews are (of course) also
encouraged, and students are encouraged to approach people they already

So... If anyone on this listserve is interested in being interviewed by one
student (I'll do my best to prevent more than one student from contacting
you), either by telephone (at the student's expense) or on-line, please let
me know (off list). And, if readers have questions they think would be good
to ask in interviews, please forward these to me.

Thank you,

Ted Davis