Two Midwestern Events

Keith B Miller (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 20:35:14 -0500 (CDT)

I thought ASA members might be interested in the following announcement.
My apologies to those already on the Templeton listserve.


>From: "Peter M. J. Hess" <>
>Subject: Two Midwestern Events
>Western Region S&R Scholars:
>I am posting notices of two significant upcoming events in the Midwestern
>region, both as a courtesy to our Midwest colleagues and just in case any of
>you might be planning a trip that could coincide with the talks:
>30 SEPTEMBER 1997
>Arthur Peacocke, Dean Emeritus of Clare College, Cambridge Univ., and
>Director of the Ian Ramsey Center at St. Cross College, Oxford Univ., will
>give a lecture "God and Science: What Can a Scientist Believe?" 8:00 p.m.
>at Purdue University, Fowler Hall, as a part of the Continuing Lecture
>Series on Science and Religious Faith. Peacocke will also present
>"Welcoming the 'Disguised Friend:' Darwinism and Divinity" on 30 Sept. at
>1:30 p.m. in Lilly Hall of Science, 1-117.
>15 NOVEMBER 1997
>The Chicago Center for Religion and Science will host a follow-up event to
>the AAAS/Field Museum "Epic of Evolution" Conference at the Lutheran School
>of Theology, 1100 E. 55th St., Chicago. Epic of Evolution speakers Audrey
>Chapman, Terrence Deacon, Loyal Rue, and John Haught will engage in informal
>discussion of religion-and-science issues, while John Albright (physics,
>Purdue Univ. Calumet) will offer overall commentary. Program begins at 10
>a.m., lunch provided, no charge. Please call to register and make lunch
>reservation 773-256-0670 or e-mail <>, attn. Elizabeth Whitener.

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