Glenn wrote:

John W. Burgeson (
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 21:55:21 EDT

>>My understanding may be wrong, but here is the way I understand it. A
decision on my part moves me from one quantum state into another. An
alternative decision would have moved me into a different state from the

other two. In the many worlds view, such a change of state at a decision
point splits the universe into two alternative worlds. So I don't think
would be possible for all universes to have me as a Christian.>>

Still don't see how your conclusion HAS to follow.

>>Because of the way the universe splits at each decision point, that
Glenn and I shared at least part of our history together and were one at
previous time. Is this true?>>

Maybe. But so what? You are putting man's thinking into this and it is
God's thinking which has to prevail. I assert HE is smart enough to
figure all this out -- IF the multiverse hypothesis is true.

Have you seen the David Deutsch book THE FABRIC OF REALITY? Very
interesting. The autrhor asserts (1) that the multiverse hypothesis is
true (in he ultimate sense of reality) and that Dawkin's views are
likewise true. He interweaves these two strands with arguments from the
growth of knowledge and theories of computability. But the multiverse
assertion is paramount.