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Glenn Morton (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 20:16:59 -0500

Hi Burgy,

My first reaction is to your title. The ... should have been filled in with
the words " a stupid thing." :-)

While I would certainly have trouble understanding redemption under the
many-worlds hypothesis, the beating I have taken on this issue would suggest
that I was quite wrong in my assertion that Christianity wouldn't survive.
Christianity as Ted Davis so correctly pointed out is based upon the
resurrection. What might not survive the confirmation of the many-world's
hypothesis is my understanding of redemption and that is a different thing.

At 07:06 PM 9/19/97 EDT, John W. Burgeson wrote:

>Glenn -- I don't see that your reasoning holds.
>First -- not every possible alternate universe exists -- only some of
>them. It is possible that in none of them you opt for atheism.

My understanding may be wrong, but here is the way I understand it. A
decision on my part moves me from one quantum state into another. An
alternative decision would have moved me into a different state from the
other two. In the many worlds view, such a change of state at a decision
point splits the universe into two alternative worlds. So I don't think it
would be possible for all universes to have me as a Christian.

>Second -- you are the single and only "Glenn Morton." In the alternate
>that exists (according to the theory, of course) closest to you at this
>time is "another" Glenn Morton. His destiny is not yours -- nor yours

Because of the way the universe splits at each decision point, that other
Glenn and I shared at least part of our history together and were one at a
previous time.

Is this true?


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