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Fri, 19 Sep 1997 19:06:27 EDT

Glenn wrote: "The problem I have with the many-world hypothesis is that
it would have a universe (ours) in which I am a Christian. There would
be others in which I am a Christian. But there would be still others in
which I decided to become an atheist "

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Glenn -- I don't see that your reasoning holds.

First -- not every possible alternate universe exists -- only some of
them. It is possible that in none of them you opt for atheism.

Second -- you are the single and only "Glenn Morton." In the alternate
that exists (according to the theory, of course) closest to you at this
time is "another" Glenn Morton. His destiny is not yours -- nor yours

Third -- Haldane said once "The universe is not only queerer than than we
imagine -- it is queerer that we CAN imagine!" A multiverse (such as
Deutsch has imagined in THE FABRIC OF REALITY (1997) is still imaginable.
I assert God's plan is still far far beyond that!

No -- I don't subscribe to the multiverse interpretation of quantum
theory. But I see it as a "live option."


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