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On Thursday, September 18, 1997 1:07 PM, RAUL KIESELBACH
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> I wouldn't like to doubt and it makes sick to think on the
> possibility of being a product of pure chance. If we are nothing, I
> why people still live for it would be better to die instead of living and
> suffering in world. The problem is that I can't cope with this two world
> views. They(evolutionists) come with quantum physics, continent theories,
> fossil evidences. And they still say that creationists are distorting the
> facts, showing only proofs that are of creationists interests.

Hi Raul, everyone.

My name is Jay Ramirez and I am a 25 year old Dallas Theological Seminary
student. We've been studying the different arguments in the divine
intervention debate (I use that title instead of creation/evolution because
I don't think the mechanism is the key issue). I empathize with your
situation. It is easy to become adrift. I don't think that this issue is
one we can rest assured has been answered yet. But here are some things
that might help:

1. Remember that we as Christians need to distinguish between things that
we can hold firmly (i.e.. the resurrection) and things which we can only
hold loosely (the specific mechanism with which God created the universe).
This will help tremendously I think. Most things in theology DO NOT have
easy, black/white answers, but are more like conversations in which
different voices are predominant at different times.

2. Remember that the creation/evolution debate is not something to leave
(or recruit to) the faith over. It is not essential to the elements of the
Gospel, save the presuppositions I outline below. There are some things
that we do need to hold on tightly. These are things I don't think we can
give up.

1. That God created heavens and the earth.
2. That people are unique as God's vice-regents.
3. Literal Adam and Eve and a literal Fall.

Because of those presuppositions, perhaps we are holding a different
conversation than Naturalists. It some sense, we can't "play" the game
because we follow different rules. I think that our hope is to point out
the deficiencies in the Naturalist theories and to try and help everyone
realize the implications of trying to explain the universe apart from God.

I hope this helps. I thank my professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas,
Dr. Bob Pyne, for contributing to the development of these thoughts.

Take care,
Jay in Dallas
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