FW: many worlds

Jim Taggart (jtaggart@astea.com)
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 08:43:43 -0400

We don't need the existence of many universes to raise this question.
We will have the same problem if [when] intelligent life is discovered
somewhere else in the universe, especially if they have their own

IMHO, Christ is the way God chose to deal with his people on THIS world
(and any other worlds we may eventually be able to influence). How He
chooses to deal with other worlds (or universes) is His choice. It
should not affect my faith in any way.

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> Glenn wrote
> > I don't see how Christianity could survive the confirmation of the
> >>many-worlds hypothesis.
> My physics background is only enough to grade homework from first-year
> intro physics for majors, but here's a bit of speculation. Popular
> accounts of the many-worlds hypothesis generally suggest that anything
> physically possible would happen in some universe. However, the
> nature of
> God places several non-physical constraints on what is possible.
> Could
> there be many Christian worlds?
> David Campbell