Re: Doubts!

Andre Bressan (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 20:22:07 -0300


> Dear friends and brothers!!!
> And specially for my dear old friend...
> David Campbell who is in this list!!!
> My name is Raul Kieselbach, 23 years old and I am a graduate
> student of medicine. I live in Brazil. I am christian for four years
> and
> science God called me to follow Him I have tried to my best to love
> Him
> with all my heart, soul and mind.

Nice to meet you........ :))

My name's Andre Bressan, I'm 21 years old and I am a graduate student of
medicine too. I live in Rio de Janeiro/Brazi too (I study in UFRJ). I'm
a christian for almost 5 years now too....... That's interesting...

> On account of this I started studying
> about Creation/Evolution...

Is it a disease that takes medical students in Brazil?????? It's the
same here....... :)

> I really would like to accept Creation the way it's writing in the
> Bible
> for I know God doesn't lie. I have bought a lot of creation books
> like:Evolution: (...) Sometimes I am sure creation it is true, but
> sometimes I don't for a read
> some other books, papers and web pages on the net claiming and
> presenting
> evolution as a fact.They always title their pages in this way: 6
> questions
> creationists can't answer; Questions creationists never answer, etc.

Yeap, this is hard...

The only point to which I grab not to slip on this is scince
itself........ :) There's an affirmation I heard when I was taking my
first semester on Biophysics....... The teacher said "everything tends
to chaos...". It means (as far as I know) that from organized and
unballanced forces, things tend to disorganized and with forces
completely ballanced. So, coming from this, I'd be unsure to believe
that things would come from a chaotic "behaviour" to an organised state,
and full of unballanced powers (forces?) as we live (that's why we can
produce "Work", neuronal spikes, and so on (even to type those letters,
we must unballance powers... to have movement..... :). I know it is a
kind of superficial explanation, but it helps me to starting thinking
again, remember to pray and to start concidering "unseen" aspects we
cannot see both through science eyes and through (even) faith

> They(evolutionists) come with quantum physics, continent theories,
> fossil evidences. And they still say that creationists are distorting
> the
> facts, showing only proofs that are of creationists interests.

Don't mind..... in fact, they do the same..... :))

> The last page I browse about this issue was like this:
> Could you help me please with all my doubts.

Hmmmmmmmmmm who knows? Who really can?

Have you ever read a book called Miracles? It's not exactly on this
subject, but it helps thinking...... (it's by C. S. Lewis... I love this

> Your brother in Christ...
> R.Kieselbach

Pleased to meet you.

In Christ,

Andre Bressan