Thu, 18 Sep 1997 19:06:48 +0100 (GDT)

Dear friends and brothers!!!

And specially for my dear old friend...
David Campbell who is in this list!!!

My name is Raul Kieselbach, 23 years old and I am a graduate
student of medicine. I live in Brazil. I am christian for four years and
science God called me to follow Him I have tried to my best to love Him
with all my heart, soul and mind. On account of this I started studying
about Creation/Evolution controversy because I think if God could creat
the universe and all other things out of nothing why would He choose
evolution. And if we are a product of evolution why did Christ came to our
world if there was no original sin, i.e if Adam didn't sin.
I really would like to accept Creation the way it's writing in the Bible
for I know God doesn't lie. I have bought a lot of creation books
like:Evolution: A Theory in Crisis;Darwin on a Trial; Creation
Hypothesis; Beyond the Cosmos and so on.
Sometimes I am sure creation it is true, but sometimes I don't for a read
some other books, papers and web pages on the net claiming and presenting
evolution as a fact.They always title their pages in this way: 6 questions
creationists can't answer; Questions creationists never answer, etc.
I wouldn't like to doubt and it makes sick to think on the
possibility of being a product of pure chance. If we are nothing, I wonder
why people still live for it would be better to die instead of living and
suffering in world. The problem is that I can't cope with this two world
views. They(evolutionists) come with quantum physics, continent theories,
fossil evidences. And they still say that creationists are distorting the
facts, showing only proofs that are of creationists interests.
The last page I browse about this issue was like this:

Could you help me please with all my doubts.

Your brother in Christ...